Folded Leaflets - Details

Artwork Set Up

Please set up your artwork to the following specifications:

Size with bleed: 216mm x 303mm

Resolution: 300 dpi minimum

Format: PDF or JPEG

Colour: CMYK (RGB/Pantones will be converted)

Fonts: Outlined or Embedded

Spreads or Single Pages: Spreads

Bleed: 3mm

Safe Zone: 3mm

Key Information

VAT*: 0% or 20% depending on your print product

VAT Warning*:

Flyers are generally zero-rated for VAT however, if your artwork is liable for VAT, we will request payment before printing. Please see this guide for more information.

Lamination options are only available with VAT.

When you need leaflets printing in London, you're probably looking for a couple of things. The highest quality. Great rates. Design expertise for those all-important final fidelity checks. At Atlantis Print, you can count on getting:

Competitive pricing. Whether you're looking for an affordable option or the best way to produce the highest quality leaflets or brochures, getting one of the best rates on the market is always going to be a deciding factor. From us, you will get a free, no-obligation quote on one of the most cost-effective rates available.

Fast turnaround times. Take advantage of our turnround options. Ideal when you need to print leaflets but you have a short deadline on your hands.

On-the-spot design advice. Atlantis Print is staffed by a team of printing specialists. Talk to us about your leaflet design. We can help you with any phase of production, from concept through to completion.

Final color and sizing checks. Our experts will also handle those final chromatic and sizing checks needed to confirm that the leaflets we print will be just what you had in mind.

Atlantis Print is the first choice for businesses of all sizes when they're creating advertising and promotional materials of all kinds. From the largest A3 leaflet printing to more standard A4, A5, or A6 leaflet printing, we have extensive experience designing and printing materials for all kinds of marketing, advertising, and brand or issue awareness campaigns.

We work with organizations of every size and in every industry. Making sure that no matter what stage your project is at - initial concept or final design - you can get the design skills and print technology you need to finalize and create any leaflet for any purpose.

Simply send us your design and we can provide you with a free digital proof. This way you will always know precisely what your project will look like when you have it physically in your hand.

Create your ideal leaflets in London

We make it simple and straightforward to get the leaflets you need. We regularly produce marketing and advertising leaflets as well as materials for clients who have all kinds of other goals in mind for their promotional literature.

Create leaflets of any size and for any purpose

You can have us provide all the assistance you need to design and print leaflets of any size and for almost any purpose. Some of the most common sizes of leaflets we produce include both single and double-sided A5, A4, A6, A3 leaflets.

Select the perfect paper or card stock

Choose the ideal weight of paper or card stock to match your project goals. We can advise you on the best weights for your particular project if you need us to. We commonly create leaflets using card stocks of 115gsm, 150gsm, 200gsm, 280gsm

Access the latest print technology

Depending on the weight of paper or card stock and other factors involved in your design - such as the size of your print run and the quality and budget demands you have - we will be able to select the best print tools and technology to realise your project, including:

Digital Printing

Digital printing confidently walks the line between cost-effectiveness, quality and speed of printing. With this kind of flexibility, digital is the best solution for most projects. It gives you the best value for money and lets you enjoy fast turnaround times. Excellent for anything up to medium-large print runs and sometimes beyond.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is perfect for high volume projects with the highest quality demands. We will always be able to advise you on whether this method - which becomes cost-effective for large print runs and can achieve the highest levels of precision - might be a good choice for your particular project.

Call on specialist design expertise

Our design team has extensive experience creating leaflets and brochures for individuals and businesses of all sizes in almost any industry you care to name. We help organizations achieve their goals no matter what stage of their project they have reached.

You might already have completely finalized your design for your leaflets. In this case, you might just need a few final checks to confirm that everything will come out the way you want it to in terms of color, precision, and sizing. Our experts can help you with that.

Alternatively, you might only have the bare concept in place. You need to create an advertising leaflet. You have some information and images. But you don't have a design as such. We can help you here too. We have a number of different effective design templates. We also have the graphic design specialists needed to bring your project through to completion.

Wherever and whatever leaflets you need in London, talk to us about getting them printed today.

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